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The Network Ensemble :: Selected Network Studies

SF010 :: Network Ensemble , Selected Network Studies (June 2017) Free PDF Book Success! Name Email Download Signup for our newsletter with tips, new product announcements, and discounts. No spam ever, unsubscribe any time. The Network Ensemble ‘Selected Network Studies’ collects audio/visual experiments carried out by the Network Ensemble, a London-based electronic data-noise duo. Founded in 2015 by Oliver Smith and Francesco Tacchini, the Network Ensemble transforms wire- less communications into sound in real time using a set of custom-made tools. Originally conceived as a machine to amplify the activity of network landscapes, the Network Ensemble is a free-form...

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Edmund Berger

Edmund Berger Edmund Berger is an independent writer, researcher, and activist living in Louisville, Kentucky. His primary focuses are on the evolution of technology and its impact on changing modes of capitalist production, the role of warfare in the economy, and the history of the avant-gardes as critiques and responses to paradigms of power. He blogs intermittently at Deterritorial Investigations Unit and Synthetic Zero. His debut books is Uncertain Futures. An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present (Zero books, 2017). Rizosfera has published his essay Grungy Accelerationism (The Strong of the Future, 2016).

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