SF008 :: Edmund Berger, Underground Streams: A Micro-History of Hyperstition and Esoteric Resistance (April 2017)

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“But which is the revolutionary path? Is there one?—To with- draw from the world market, as Samir Amin advises Third World countries to do, in a curious revival of the fascist “eco- nomic solution”? Or might it be to go in the opposite direction? To go still further, that is, in the movement of the market, of decoding and deterritorialization?”


Deleuze and Guattari

Anti-Oedipus , Capitalism and Schizophrenia Penguin Books, 1977, pgs. 239-240

A Micro-History of Hyperstition and Esoteric Resistance

It is with great pleasure that we republish this micro-history essay by Edmund Berger written in 2014 for the accelerationist reader Dark Glamour. For various reasons (turnover of editors and curators) the essay has never been published and there- fore we think it deserves to be presented in its rst form. By the end of 2017 a new version of the same essay will be complete- ly rewritten by Edmund Berger and published for the project Dark Glamour. It will be a two volume collection of essays with Amy Ireland (exponent of the xeno-feminist collective Laboria Cuboniks), Tony Yanick, and Tim Matts as editors.

Underground Streams (2014) has been written a year before the classic Grungy Accelerationism (2015) and it represents the essay where Edmund Berger faces with the rst accelerationist thought (Land and CCRU) and the second one (Srnicek and Williams) that he de nes Neo-Accelerationism.