Emilia Marra :: Commit Moosbrugger For Trial. Reflections on an Impersonal Life ::

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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Beyond Good and Evil


by Obsolete Capitalism

We kindly thank Emilia Marra for her text Commit Moosbrugger for Trial: Reflections on an Impersonal Life. It was one of the best talks in the 9th Deleuze Studies Conference Rome (July) 2016, Virtuality, Becoming and Life. It was part of a brilliant panel host by La Deleuziana philosophical journal entitled Countless Life. For a Liberation of Thought Wherever it is imprisoned. This text is important because it shows how far you can go with the thought when you leave out the old twentieth century divisions between L / ACC and R / ACC.


Emilia Marra holds a Master in « Philosophies allemande et française dans l’espace européen » – Europhilosophie Erasmus Mundus (UTM, UCL, BUW), and she is now a PhD student at the University of Trieste with a project on the concept of system between Hegel and Spinoza and their contemporary French interpretations. Her researches mainly investigate the French contemporary philosophy, with a special focus on the philoso- phy of Gilles Deleuze. She published in journals such as Esercizi loso ci, Interpretationes, Philosophy Kitchen, S&F, Estetica. Studi e ricerche, La Deleuziana, of which she is member of the editorial board. She also translated Pierre Macherey’s Hegel ou Spinoza(Ombre Corte, 2016).