RZN004 :: Kybernetikos Kommando :: Electro Bubble

(Out in Feb. 2018)

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The stock markets have the kind of cybernetic properties of biological systems and other complex phenomena, which can be studied in the same way as biological systems. This tends to give rise to a sense that the market is somehow a natural expression of some fundamental forces.

Thanasis Kaproulias


Electro Bubble

Kyberneticos Kommando

Nothing is more airy than a bubble. It is made of a viscous surface which divides the internal spheroid from external reality. The bubble’s internal spheroidal sack contains gas, or vapour, or another element which shelters itself from the outside thanks to a kind of membrane resistant to external pressures. The interval between the inner space, surrounded, absorbed, and the outer space, the out-of-the-sack, the out-of-the-bubble, is thin, slimy, almost tactile. However, what appears transparent and durable can collapse at any moment under outside pressure. The bubble membrane is thus always penetrable and constantly on the verge of disintegration. When the sphere bursts, reality reaches the enclave with gratifying impetuosity. Domestication of separateness. The outside becomes the inside, and the inside is devoured by the outside. The unstable equilibrium which governs the floating of the bubble becomes a cliff edge, and everything decays in new abstract and chaotic lines. Money is the perpetual engine of relentless spherology which virtually belongs to it like darkness belongs to light. In other words, the circularity of money draws bubbles in the shadow of its own flow. The roundness of irregular geometry is the gift that money offers in exchange for subscribing to its shadow. Money’s disproportionate stride triggers the generation of spheres whose fate is that of vitalistic explosion, which incinerates everything. The final burst is an obscure euphoria of the swelled shadow. The features that financial bubbles have in common with electrobubbles are the datamembranes which perpetually flow in the two directions of the interface. The data flow innervates both sides, the inside and the outside, leaving internal and external pressures free to peak and destroy the bubble itself. Bubbles emerge everywhere, from cryptocurrencies to the darker products of offshore financial markets. But how was the latter confronted by a different kind of (electro) bubble: the artificial one of electronic music, the realm of synthetic beats?


Kybernetikos Kommando is a collective for pure independent research. Self-defined as “esoteric cyberrorists”, the collective deals with electronics, digital culture and data economy.