SF012 :: MCKENZIE WARK, Black Accelerationism (October 2017)

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Sensory language leaves us with no habit for lying. We are hostile aliens, immune from dying.


The Spaceape

B/ACC Diaspora

This essay of McKenzie Wark is of great significance for various reasons. It shows to an international audience a visio-nary and quite unique variation of the accelerationist thought: Black Accelerationism, whose pioneer and incessant agent is Kodwo Eshun. Black Accelerationism lingers on the most innova-tive text about such a diasporic tendency: More Brilliant than the Sun, edited in 1998 by Quartet Books. Eshun’s book has imme-diately become an «at light speed-thought book» (the author himself defined it as “speculative acceleration”) and the Quar-tet edition is today extremely difficult to find.

Everything the media warns you against has already been made into tracks that drive the dance floor.


Kodwo Eshun

More Brilliant Than the Sun, Quartet 1998