Chaos Sive Natura
by Obsolete Capitalism Sound System

Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

Dj Rocca and Hyper X, AKA Obsolete Capitalism Sound System, are among the Maffia Illicit Music Club founders. This new music project is a post-dub version of Electric Tree’s abstract jazz and Obsolete Capitalism’s nonorientable accelerationism.

Uneasy times demand uneasy Rhythms.

SF011 :: Obsolete  Capitalism  Soundsystem  Chaos sive Natura: Electric Tree and Electronic Rhizome (November 2017)
in appendix: Italian version

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I would say that for Spinoza there is a continuous variation —and this is what it means to exist— of the force of existing or of the power of acting


Gilles Deleuze

Cours Vincennes , Lecture, Transcriptions on Spinoza’s concept of affect -24/1/1978

The present work does not have a starting point but many starting points, centres of strength and lines of movement that compose it. One of the dynamic points is shown by the title: Chaos Sive Natura. It is a Nietzschean paraphrase of an expression by Spinoza, Deus Sive Natura, God thus Nature, in his main work Ethica more geometrico demonstrata. For Spinoza, Nature is theophanic3 God is immanent to nature. Nietzsche, who considered Spinoza a forerunner of his philosophy, radicalizes the formula of equality between nature and deity with a more sinister expression, Chaos Sive Natura.