SF010 :: Network Ensemble , Selected Network Studies (June 2017)

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The Network Ensemble
‘Selected Network Studies’ collects audio/visual experiments carried out by the Network Ensemble, a London-based electronic data-noise duo. Founded in 2015 by Oliver Smith and Francesco Tacchini, the Network Ensemble transforms wire- less communications into sound in real time using a set of custom-made tools. Originally conceived as a machine to amplify the activity of network landscapes, the Network Ensemble is a free-form and ever-changing set of tools and experiences for sonically uncovering and exploring the hidden operational layer at the very core of the network.

Selected Network Studies
Released through Rizosfera via limited edition SD cards, a digital download, a live performance and this eBook, ‘Selected Network Studies’ includes one hour of video material and 45 minutes of sound material. Accompanying this is visual and written documentation of both the hardware and software built for network exploration, as well as details of the data collection and performance sites.